Mission, Vision, Core Values 


American Mortals believes in cultivating a diverse and progressive community of talented, unique stylists catering to a clientele that values quality, community, and individuality. AmMo rebels against a society hell-bent on telling us what is “beautiful”, “handsome” or “cool”, through industry leading, versatile skill-sets and a customer service philosophy based on sincerity and individualism.  We aim to deliver high-end color and cutting services in a comfortable, welcoming environment. American Mortals is committed to taking “beauty” back from the hands of mass media and returning it to the individual to define. Join us in the beauty revolution. 


American Mortals strives to empower and educate our staff to create confident stylists that treat their chair like their own personal business. Our support staff is knowledgeable, positive, and essential to the success of the company. Including all staff members in the overall salon decision-making process creates an environment in which each employee feels a sense of pride as well as responsibility for the success of the company. We strive to be industry leaders in employee compensation, benefits and employee satisfaction.  

Core Values

American Mortals believes in an excellence in customer service that is rooted in genuine positivity and connection with our clients as opposed to a manufactured enthusiasm. Our stylists love the hair industry and continually educate themselves on the latest techniques and trends, but are encouraged to live rich lives outside of work, and bring those experiences into the building to share with coworkers and clients. We are committed to our employees living fulfilled, content lives, and believe this leads to satisfied and loyal clients. American Mortals also prides itself as an ever evolving and learning safe and friendly environment for the LGBTQ+ community since its inception in 2001.  Celebrating the individuality of our staff, our clients, and our community, AMMO believes in helping everyone that walks through the door to feel like, and be their best selves inside and out.